The Intermountain Commercial Record/Salt Lake Times publishes Salt Lake County's public notice and court records newspaper. The Record/Times fulfills all criteria for a newspaper of general circulation, Utah Code 45-1-101 Newspapers "of general circulation Requirements", has a second-class (periodical class) mailing permit, and is court certified to publish Public Notice in Salt Lake County.
The Intermountain Commercial Record/Salt Lake Times has a bona-fide subscription list of not less than two-hundred subscribers in Utah, has been published for 127 years.
Public Notice publication rate is $1.00/line/insertion for in-state clients, and $1.00/line/insertion for out-of state clients. A free copy of the first publication of the notice is sent to in-state clients. Cancellation discount of 10% from full run price. Notices are processes and typeset as soon as possible after receipt. If a notice is canceled after typesetting and before publication you will be charged a minimum of 1 week run of your notice.
The Intermountain Commercial Record/Salt Lake Times is published daily.
Daily Publication Deadline Schedule
1st Publication Deadline Cancellation Deadline
Sunday    Friday Noon Thursday by 10 am
Monday    Friday Noon Thursday by 10 am
Tuesday    Monday Noon Friday by 10 am
Wednesday    Tuesday Noon Monday by 10 am
Thursday    Wednesday Noon Tuesday by 10 am
Friday    Thursday Noon Wednesday by 10 am
Saturday    Friday Noon Thursday by 10 am
Save by Sending Public Notice to: The Intermountain Commercial Record, Salt Lake County's only Public Notice and Court Record Newspaper
1950 West 1500 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104
E-mail: Submit E-Mail notices as attachments in DOC or WPD format.
Fax: 801.972.4457
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