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The Intermountain Commercial Record & The Salt Lake Times is a one-stop source for access to abstracts of Salt Lake County’s public notice and Utah’s court and commercial record information used by credit managers, businessmen and women, lawyers, realtors, investors, and the general population.
The reports, records, data and public notice information compiled and supplied by The Intermountain Commercial Record & The Salt Lake Times shall be used solely in compliance with copyright and material restrictions as stated under Legal Information on this site.
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For The Business Community:
The Intermountain Commercial Record & The Salt Lake Times publishes Court and Commercial information used by professionals and the general public. Included in the newspaper are the latest Judgments, Satisfactions, Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Mechanic's Liens, and New Business Corporations and business licenses. Editorial material includes: Utah Judicial & Administrative Rule Changes.
For the Legal Community:
The Intermountain Commercial Record & The Salt Lake Times provides: Public Notice, Notice of Default Reports, Foreclosure Reports, Utah Judicial & Administrative Rule Changes and Court Record Information. In addition, The Intermountain Commercial Record Inc. publishes the Utah Professionals directory of Utah courts and lawyers.
Daily Content Breakdown:
 Monday:  Public Notices, foreclosures, creditors notices, summons, auctions etc., DBA's, LLC, New Corporations, New Business Licenses
 Tuesday: Public Notices, 341 Bankruptcy Calendars, Lawyers in Motion
 Wednesday: Public Notices, Bankruptcies filed, dismissed or discharged, District courts:Probates, Business complaints, dismissals, judgments, satisfactions, Consumer judgments and satisfactions, Also carried are the Rents and Evictions. CONSTRUCTION - includes Mechanic Liens/Releases, Notice of Interest, Lis Pendens, Notice of Commencement, UCC1s, Workforce Services Judgments, New Building Permits, Construction-Complaints, Dismissals, Judgements and Satisfactions.
 Thursday:Public Notices, State and Federal Tax Liens, Tax Lien Releases
 Friday:Public Notices, Utah Patents, Court News, Judicial profiles, Utah Court Decisions, 10th Circuit Opinions, 341 Bankruptcy Calendars
 Saturday:Public Notices, New Utah Corporations, DBAs, LLCs, Partnerships, New Business Licenses
 Sunday:Public Notices, Government, Health, Technology, Science
The Court Record information is available in the newspaper and digitally, customized to fit your needs. Call The Intermountain Commercial Record & The Salt Lake Times (801-972-5642) for more information.

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